Product Photography

In a world of online shopping, white background photos give a crystal clear picture of your product and help people understand. They see all the details and the natural colour, and they're not distracted by other elements in the frame.

Whilst you can get by with taking your own photos, outsourcing this important task is key to getting your business photos looking consistent and professional, helping you sell more. Also, if you're considering selling on Amazon, they have strict guidelines with what photos they'll verify.

All product shots are retouched to a white/transparent background, dust and scratches removed and colour matched. This is included in the prices.

1 single product shot £50 per image

2-4 single product shots £38 per image

5-12 single product shots £28 per image

13-49 single product shots £22 per image

Groups of 2 -6 products on white background £55 per image

These prices are a guide for simple shapes and set ups. If the item is very detailed it will require more editing and retouching and will therefore be charged accordingly.

Do please get in touch for an accurate quote

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