The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating an important first impression

The key to making the most of their first impression is to present polished, professional images that evokes maximum engagement

Here are some different styles to consider

Cut out

This is probably the most popular style when presenting your product, as it focuses purely on the product without any other distraction. It also looks professional and consistent when you have a few items to present on a product page.

With drop shadow 

Realistic shadows that are cast by your product can give it depth and make your product pop. They are a visual enhancer that add to the product without creating a distraction.

With reflection

Simple, subtle detail like the skilled use of reflection can elevate your product images from amateur to professional.

On black

And sometimes products just look better on black.

Product in context

It's always a good idea to show your product in context or lifestyle that shows it being used in its intended environment or alongside complementing products.

Creative product photos is an important opportunity to show your audience that your product or brand is unique. Your photo will stand out and engage your customers more effectively, drawing more clicks and eventually more sales. 

Using Format